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SBRL Mart is an e-commerce online business Project of SBRL INC.

Our Founder & CEO Mr. S. B. Sagar aims to make SBRL Mart the leading E-commerce website and your one-stop solution for online shopping. 

 Mr. Sagar believes in spreading smile & happiness. And, with this thought, he came up with the idea of "SBRL Mart - Har Bhartiya ki Dukan". He along with his team came up with the idea of creating an e-commerce website. The main purpose of implementing this idea is to help people across India get delivered their preferred products at their doorstep. 

 We understand that people are so busy with their daily lives that they aren't able to shop for their necessities. So, we decided on developing a platform where the customers can fulfill all their needs & requirements instantly just through some clicks, you can place your order and get your order delivered fast. 

 SBRL Mart thrives our level best to provide our customers with a unique customer experience so that they enjoy their online shopping. We aim to be the largest e-commerce platform in India, where people can shop for their preferred brands easily and without any hassle. 

 SBRL Mart promises our customers to deliver them the best quality products at the best prices. We are working our level best to create a positive impact on our customers, employees, business partners, economy, and communities. SBRL mart is the preferred online shopping destination 

 We deal across all products of around all the major categories. We have listed all the brands that are mostly preferred by our customers.

Starting from Personal Care to Electronics, to Fashion Wear, and Accessories. We always ensure that we provide our customers with the right & best brand. 

 We hand-pick all our branded products from our sellers and ensure that the right product is delivered to our customers. We have so many options of products listed on our official website (

 We connect with the best sellers of India, eliminate all the geographical boundaries, and deliver our SBRL Mart customers their favorite products. 

We ensure that all our products are delivered on-time to our customers without any damages. We have listed all our products at the right price & the delivery charges associated with it, and no hidden costs included. We deal with national & international brands and with small to big retailers. 

 SBRL Mart’s main objective is to be the best online platform and an online marketplace where different buyers & sellers can connect with each other directly. The sellers get a large online platform where they can list their different products and get as a result of which their products get a large national exposure as well as great visibility. We ensure that your brand gets more exposure, which will eventually lead to Brand Credibility, and sellers will start trusting you. And, that will lead to higher sales! We have integrated different payment gateways that ensure instant management. With all the latest technology and functionalities integrated into our website, we ensure that all our sellers can smoothly conduct their daily business activities. They can manage their leads, keep an eye, and track their orders, take feedbacks from their customers.

 We ensure that our buyers are provided with a huge online marketplace, where they can compare their preferred products based on price, brand, quality, sizes, color, etc. They can choose their preferred products from a wide range of buyers and select the best product. Our platform is safe, reliable, and convenient for all our buyers. Our buyers can connect with their sellers at any time, from anywhere, and share about their requirements. Our sellers will immediately connect with our buyers and share all the details of their products with the buyers. Our buyers are insisted to prefer SBRL Mart as it is a wide marketplace with various products listed. The payment mechanism is quite safe & protected. We have integrated various payment mechanisms for the smooth payment procedure. 

 “We can make things happen being together” is what we believe. We are always here to lend a helping hand to all the struggling product sellers out there to provide them an online platform where they can maximize their sales and get success in the end. We understand how difficult it is on a part of the seller to get an ideal platform where they can list their products & buyers can browse through their products so that their products are sold. 

 Buyers these days also face a lot of trust issues when it comes to online shopping. They think if they could receive the exact product listed on the website, is the quality of the product good, is it of the right quality, and is the seller genuine. We completely agree that these questions are quite natural and these questions will always strike a buyer’s mind whenever they opt for online shopping. We always ensure that all our sellers are genuine, their products are of the right quality, and there are fraudulent activities conducted through our website. 

 We have a dedicated & passionate team that works to achieve a common goal “Spread Happiness”. Our team works day & night with honesty, integrity, and passionately. All the actions are continuously tracked and kept an eye on. Our team is well-trained are aware well-off of our objectives. All our sellers and buyers, be relieved, we are here with an excellent, trustworthy, and best e-commerce platform.

 We are trying our level best to serve billions of Indian sellers & buyers. And provide a common platform where the best sellers can showcase, promote, and sell their products, and the buyers can buy the best Indian products. We are on our way to eliminate all geographical boundaries and help all those small retailers so that their products get exposure to the National Markets. 

 Shop for your favorite products and brands only at SBRL Mart and get an amazing online shopping experience. You just need your laptop or mobile with an Internet connection - and then start shopping!


Wish all our customers HAPPY SHOPPING!

Sbrl Mart is a official brand of SBRL INC.

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